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the state department presents

Want to travel the world? Speak many languages? Assist in complex hostage negotiations and intervene in territorial disputes? 


You need specialist performance assistance from the people with the expertise. 


For three nights only at 95 Empire, in their truly international collaboration, Lindsay Goss and Nicholas Ridout will show you the drill. 


The State Department Presents is an all-new performance experiment in international relations, office politics and the pleasures of disco.



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Conversation over (10) donuts

Conversation over (10) donuts

Nick had the impression that French children were very smart because they spoke French. Lindsay actually believed everyone secretly spoke English, and other languages were just for fun.

Checking the feed

Checking the feed

Lindsay goes to the "office," which consists of a computer and a framed photograph of John Kerry. She checks with Nick that her image is clear, then plays Kool and the Gang and dances.

Ben Affleck's acceptance speech

Ben Affleck's acceptance speech

Lindsay has to check the feed. Nick thanks his wife, who he does not usually associate with Iran.



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