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devised work

2016   Quite the best news in some considerable time (rinse and repeat version), Peopling the Palaces, Queen Mary University of London, UK

2015   Quite the best news in some considerable time, New York University Abu Dhabi, UAE

2014   The role of the intellectual in the revolutionary struggle, Queen Mary University of London, UK

2013   The State Department Presents, 95Empire, RI

2013   Scenes from Scenes from a Marriage, 95Empire, RI

2005   City Pagez: The Show, Minnesota Fringe Festival

2004   Corporate Karaoke, Minnesota Fringe Festival


directing and dramaturgy

2020   Somewhere, by Marisela Treviño Orta 

2010   Mo'reece and the Girls, by Jackie Sibblies, Brown University, RI

2009   Just a Game, by Mia Chung, 4x4 Brown University, RI 

2009   Lament and Fragmentation, by Dale Perrault, Infiltrage 2, The Flea, NY 

2008   Artifcats of the Cavitiy: A Museum (staged reading), by Joe Waechter, Brown University, RI Brown University

2007   Boxes, by Robert Askins, Living Image Arts, NY

2005   Trifles, by Susan Glaspell, Theatre Unbound, MN



2013   fight. flight. plant. possum, by Michelle Castaneda

2010   My Name is Rachel Corrie, by Alan Rickman and Katherine Viner, Brown University, RI

2006   The Suitcase Trilogy (staged reading), by Han One, Ma-Yi Theatre Company, NY 

2005   The Tempest, by William Shakespeare, Theatre Unbound, MN

2005   The Seawolf, by Jack London, Hardcover Theatre, MN 

2002   The Nightingale, In the Heart of the Beast, MN


















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